Four Seasons in Japan Fourth Installation Winter Fuji ____April 1996


Tatami Umbrella Garden _______ Wood, Umbrellas, Paper, Ash, Canon Lasor Print _______5 x 5 metres___April 1996

Detail of Tatami Umbrella Garden Plastic / Green Tea / Computer Generated Frieze Detail of Tatami Umbrella Garden 'North / South / East / West' Clear Umbrellas, Paint , Canon Laser Print This installation uses the tatami mat and the tea ceremony fire pit along with green tea, the essential part of the traditional tea ceremony. Blossom is drawn on the surface of the umbrellas with green tea to link the room space and the outdoor celebration of blossom as shown on the computer generated frieze around the space. The tatami mat incorporates important cultural paper cranes that are so familiar and crucial to Japanese remembrance and peace. They are made from Japanese designed paper that reflects the four seasons. The umbrellas are grouped together to form a cluster of blossom and are also ready to protect the user from surprise rain showers during spring. The four umbrellas on the wall placed in the shape of an open fan also indicate an element for each season of the year. The old umbrella stands alone in the centre of the room as a memorial to the changes in Japanese traditions and the focus is on the disappearance of the paper umbrella.


1995 June 1995


1995 Sept 1995


1996 Jan 1996

1996 April 1996

The seasons in Japan are opposite to Australia, and these installations were shown during each season over a twelve month period. Summer Fan - June14th,1995 Autumn Gingko - September 6th,1995 Winter Fuji - January 17th,1996 Spring Umbrella - April 26th, 1996