Four Seasons in Japan First Installation Summer Fan _____June 1995

Summer Fan Moon Garden________Red Gum Timber and Sawdust, Stones. 3m x 5m ______June 1995 Summer Fan_______Toothpicks on Canvas _______2m x 2m ________ June 1995
Drawings using Rice, Salt ,Green Tea, Red Gum Sawdust, Indigo Ink, Squid ink on Ricepaper_______________ 62 x 95 cm_____1995


1995 June 1995


1995 Sept 1995


1996 Jan 1996

1996 April 1996

The seasons in Japan are opposite to Australia, and these installations were shown during each season over a twelve month period. Summer Fan - June14th,1995 Autumn Gingko - September 6th,1995 Winter Fuji - January 17th,1996 Spring Umbrella - April 26th, 1996