Twin Anthills________________________digital print ____90 x 70cm___$1200__2009




FIRST of the Friends Exhibition

Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
UNISA, North Terrace, ADELAIDE
September 8 - October 2, 2009


Gotcha3________________Digital Print on Unisol Polyseted_____90 x 70cm______2009






Gotcha3________________Digital Print __________________90 x7 0cm________2009






Gotcha3________________Digital Print _____________________90 x 70cm______2009





Australian Top End_______ colour laser print ________1999

Exhibiting in the 'We Are Australian' Exhibition @ Victorian Arts Centre and travelling Australia 100 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE. Victoria




Digital prints from video stills and photos of sculptures



ManyanthOMES_____________digital print _______________ 1998


AntfiELD ______________digital print ____________________ 1998







anTHill35748____________digital print _________________1998









AntFINDER____________digital print __________________ 1998


aNThill45411____________digital print _________________ 1998 






digital print __________1998


digital print __________1998






Dust____________________________digital print _________________ 1993







Ant mound_____________digital print ______ 1993
Ant mound_____________digital print ______ 1993





These works incorporate images from my video diary from trips to the Northern Territory. Images from my sculptures are scanned and digitally manipulated within the piece to relate and enhance the outback forms. Attention is focused on the transition that takes place with my man made forms against the natural termite mounds.

These termite mounds are imposing and spectacular and are homes to millions of ants that live off the grasses on the plains. They often align in the direction of North to South so the ants can work on the cool side and escape the heat of the day. They are also elevated above the ground to avoid flooding when heavy rains come



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