... palmer sculpture biennial ...

2014 ADELAIDE FESTIVAL OF ARTS - Palmer Sculpture Biennial - Fringe exhibition


'Tumble 1', wood, cable ties, 125 x 85 x 85 cm, 2014




'Tumble 2' , wood, cable ties, 325 x 325 x 135 cm, 2014



'Tumble 3 with seed', Wood, cable ties, 225 x 100 x 100 cm 2014



Inspiration for these works came from a trip to the Yorke Peninsula. I observed that with the slightest wind, tumbleweeds would move along the countryside spreading their seeds until they became snagged amongst trees or fences.

Palmer's rural landscape offered this opportunity to expose the spreading of seeds in a different environment. The forms are made larger to emphasize the obvious dangers in letting them blow loose in the open Palmer environment. They are anchored to prevent tumbling over an already delicate place.

The works should help you engage with issues of ecological and floral sustainability.






'Tumble 4 , wood, cable ties, 325 x 325 x 135 cm, 2014




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