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2010 ADELAIDE FESTIVAL OF ARTS - palmer sculpture biennial -Fringe exhibition


Boomercross, Ron Rowe, 2010



Installation of Boomercross, fibreglass and bitumen__________________________12m x 7m on ground, Palmer, SA

Photo: Team Rodwell






Site during exhibition _________________________________________________________ Feb 2010







Site after exhibition __________________________________________________________ April 2010





Betarang_______________________________________________3m long






Gammarang_______________________________________________________4m long







Ghost Site____________________________________________________________4m long







Epsilonrang___________________________________________1.7m long





Boomercross Sky______________________ digital image_________ 2010



'Boomercross' is an extension of an early 90's work, which has a direct connection 
to the Southern Cross constellation - CRUX and the Boomerang.  These two 
elements connect on a number of levels. The placement, distance and direction 
link the piece in a number of ways. It speaks about space, flight, time, the universe, 
the outback, spirituality, navigation, place and identity. A variety of readings are 
evident in the selection of forms, symbols, and the placement in this environment.
From my travels around Australia over many years, I have developed works that 
explore the character of the landscape and forms within it. The vast and extensive 
Australian outback is an inspiration for many of my sculptures that emerge in a new 
form and identity.



'The Night and the Stars' _______CAS, Adelaide_____1990



Under the Southern Cross________Red Gum, Coal, 2 x 3 x 1.5 metres____________1989




detail: gamma star



Using the speed of light as our standard, we can do some highly instructive time travel simply 
by looking skyward.  Oddly enough, we can never see the universe as it used to be in the past.
For instance the moon is about 250,000 miles away and light can travel that distance in 
2 seconds, so we see the moon as it was 2 seconds ago.  Light takes 8 minutes to reach us 
from the Sun.
Now consider the bright star Alpha Centauri, one of the two 'pointer' stars of the Southern Cross
The distance is 4.3 light years away.  Look at it now and you see what it was 4 years ago.
Now the leading star in the cross Acrux, the distance is over 300 light years away.  So we are 
seeing how it used to be 300 years ago.  
If for some reason Acrux ceased to shine we would know anything had happened to it for 
another 300 years in time.

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