Skangaroovian Funk : 1986 - Skangaroovian Funk : Revisited 2013 Shown at the Art Gallery of South Australia -1986 and 2012 - 2013






'Orbs' , group of 5, Ceramic and oxide, each piece approx 18cm dia, 1986






Showing until 14 April 2013. _________________________________ Art Gallery of South Australia


Now showing until 14 April 2013 
Gallery 19A  

Skangaroovian Funk: Revisited pays homage to the Gallery's 1986 exhibition

Skangaroovian Funk: Peculiar Adelaide Ceramics 1968­1978 curated by Judith Thompson.
This exhibition promoted a new generation of studio ceramists ­ twelve local artists who had shifted away from the anglo­oriental wares made by followers of the English potter Bernard Leach. These 'funk' ceramists created predominantly non-functional work that carried contemporary political and social commentaries.
A leading exponent Margaret Dodd, experienced the 'real' Californian Funk movement in the United States, as taught by Robert Arneson, and brought it back to Adelaide in 1968. Other major exponents in Adelaide included Olive Bishop, Aleks Danko, Bruce Nuske Ron Rowe and Mark Thompson.
Skangaroovian Funk: Revisited gives today's audience and ceramists an opportunity to experience anew the legacy of these twelve ceramists who changed the face of studio ceramics in Australia.


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